Ecological Farm KOFA, Bilsko, Czech Republic

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Farma KOFA

Goat Farm
Jakub Spatny
Bilsko 25
387 73 Bavorov
Czech Republic

+420-383 391 891


We offer:
  • camping in your own tents / caravans on the farm
  • hiking & biking
  • horse-back riding at neigbouring farms
  • opportunity to take part in farming work
  • goat cheese and organic milk for sale
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    Who We Are

    The farm was built in 1812, in a country baroque style. It is a state-protected landmark, situated on the outskirts of a quiet village, amidst pasture and fields. The farm specializes in goat keeping and cheese production.

    Our product received the following awards:
    In 2001 - winner of national exhibition of sheep and goat cheese in the categories natural cheeses and flavoured cheeses.
    In 2007 - 2nd place in the competition of South Bohemia “Chutná hezky jihočesky” for South Bohemian goat cheese of Eidam type.
    In 2008 - 2nd place in the competition of South Bohemia “Chutná hezky jihočesky” for South Bohemian semi-hard goat cheese.

    We use most of our land as pasture and meadows. We also run a small shop offering organic foods.

    The farm is a member of the Association of Ecological Farmers PRO-BIO, which guarantees that its members observe the rules of ecological farming. In 1993 we won Knight Horsky Cup, the prize for the best ecological farmer of the year.

    We welcome all visitors interested in organic food and particularly families with children.





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    How To Find Us:

    You will find us in Bilsko, 5 km to the north of Bavorov, west of Vodnany. If you take road no. 140 from Pisek and drive about 19 km to the south-west, you'll get straight to Bilsko. The farm is right next to the road, on the outskirts of the village.
    You can take the bus from Vodnany to Bavorov and from there to Bilsko.
    By train you get on the line from Vodnany to Prachatice, get off in Bavorov and take the bus to Bilsko.
    There are good connections to Bilsko from most cities in South Bohemia.

    We Offer:

    Accommodation: In the gardens of the farm there's a camping site, with space for 10 - 12 tents and 4 - 6 caravans. The caravans can use an electrical plug-in. There's a bathroom with hot water for our guests, as well as a small kitchen and a roofed-over firesite.
    Food: You can cook your own food or buy organic produce from the farm.
    Recreation Activities: You can go fishing, play volleyball, basketball or tennis, go for a biking trip or do some horse-back riding. We also provide training in working with horses, using the PNH method (natural horse-training by Pat Parelli) and you can take a course in PNH with us. Every year in May there is a western-style riding competition.



    You will enjoy the unspoiled country around here, in particular the natural preserve Skocicky hrad (3 km), as well as sitting at the fire in the evening, listening to our "musical events with accordion".

    small tents CZK 120 / night [ca 5.00 EUR], large tents (3 or more persons) CZK 150 / night [ca 6.00 EUR], caravans CZK 160 [ca 6.50 EUR], other vehicles CZK 50 [ca 2.00 EUR], adults CZK 100 [ca 4.00 EUR], children up to 12 years CZK 50 [ca 2.00 EUR], children under 3 years free of charge.
    Electricity CZK 50 / day [ca 2.00 EUR], washing machine CZK 40 per use [ca 1.20 EUR]

    Tips for Trips:

  • castle Helfenburk - 4 km
  • chateau Kratochvíle near Netolice - 16 km
  • chateau Hluboká near Ceske Budejovice - 30 km
  • town Bavorov - 4 km
  • fishing town Vodnany - 13 km (gallery, museum, open air fairs held on Tuesdays and Saturdays)
  • Pisek - historic town on the Otava river - Písek - 19 km
  • town Strakonice with Romanesque-Gothic castle - 19 km
  • “town of roses” Blatná - 35 km
  • town Volyne - 15 km
  • Prachatice urban conservation area - 19 km (historical Renaissance center, a museum, unique preserved fortifications)
  • village Holasovice near Ceske Budejovice - 25 km - which is on the list of UNESCO because of its buildings in the style of rustic Baroque (summer craft markets)
  • Swimming ans recreation:
  • Strakonice - 19 km, indoor swimming pool
  • Prachatice - 19 km, indoor swimming pool
  • Pisek - 19 km, indoor swimming pool
  • Husinec - 18 km, reservoir
  • Olesnik, Hluboka - 25 km, outdoor swimming pool
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    Association of Ecological Farmers PRO-BIO

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